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We are a subsidiary of Giving Tech Labs, focused on Artificial Intelligence, applied under ethical principles, to the creation of Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs and to the processing of Sound, Vision, and Touch to create Technology for the Public Interest – Tech4PI


aisensa sound and voice technologies - suvotek

Imagine the power of having a personal coach in your mobile device that gives you real-time feedback on how well you are communicating with others. Are you speaking too fast? Do you sound engaging or boring? Angry or sad? Are you causing sensory overload in children with cognitive development issues?

Our Patent Pending Sound and Voice Technology – SUVOTEK offers complete end-user privacy. It is based on the direct analysis of sound waves of a speaker. It never conducts the speech-to-text-transformation found at the core of the personal voice assistants from leading software companies or speech coach apps. With our technology, there is no record of any transcription anywhere! Thanks to frontier-AI,  all the computation happens in your device.

We can train domain-specific modules for scenarios such as Workforce Development, Early-Childhood Education, Training individuals for legal depositions, Building compassionate support teams, and other applications. Contact us to learn more.


aisensa domain-specific knowledge graphs

Do you trust the information in social media ads or at the top of the results in search engines? It is hard, even for subject matter experts, to identify quality, trustworthy, and reliable content available online through search engines that are powered by advanced knowledge graphs. Oxford University reports that worldwide, citizens in 70 countries have been subject to political disinformation campaigns and social media manipulation.

Under Patent Pending Tech, AISensa creates and continuously maintain domain-specific knowledge graphs as a service to the public. We use AI to extract information from trusted published and unpublished sources and organize it under an ontology defined in collaboration with domain experts. The end product powers domain-specific search engines to meet the Public needs for accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and up-to-date information in topics that matter the most.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs.


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