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sound and voice technologies for better human connections

ethical AI to power your implementation of a speech coach

Our patent pending technology Suvotek is available as a Software Development Kit – SDK. It allows you to implement a personal speech coach to serve the specific needs of your audience while preserving complete privacy:

  • Are they speaking too fast?
  • Do they sound engaging?
  • Is their voice calming?

connect better

Regardless of accent, level of mastery of a language, or intentions, how things are said matters.


Embed a personal voice coach in your Video Conference Solution, Webinar Software or Distance Training Solution.

The speaker can get a personalized view of fluctuating energy level and calibrate talking speed and emotional connection for effectiveness.


Include real-time voice coaching as part of your distance learning software solution, English as a Second Language Solution, or create a custom mobile app as an add-on to complement your Educational Software.

Teachers gain real-time feedback to keep students engaged.


Add real-time voice coaching to your Customer Service, CRM or Sales Automation Software.

Offer a special helper to ensure your users are communicating with the appropriate speed and intonation for the job at hand, without any privacy concerns.



Include a real-time voice coach that offers. complete privacy, for your software solution related to workforce development and recruiting of vulnerable populations.

Offer them an advantage for their next job interview or for mastering human connections and empathy as part of their professional development

state-of-the-art technology – recognized by experts

Suvotek™ underlying patent-pending technology is part of a research paper: “Acoustic Measures for Real-Time Voice Coaching” selected for publication by KDD, the premier global conference on Knowledge and Data Discovery

Thumbnail Video - Acoustic Measures Research

complete privacy

SUVOTEK uses Patent Pending technology. Artificial Intelligence performs a direct analysis of your sound waves.

  • SUVOTEK does not use speech-to-text transcription like the voice assistants from leading software companies or other speech coaching apps.
  • There is no audio recording, transcription, or human listening!
  • No Personal Identifiable Information is captured or required.

contact us for private access

to get inspired, contact us to get a code to use our test app coach ana

Coach Ana - by AI SENSA LLC - 300px

custom enterprise versions

We can create and license custom versions for specific use in your enterprise app. These domain-specific modules can go beyond the measurement of speech rate and energy level and analyze timbre, intonation, and emotions, for more comprehensive coaching.

  • Early-Childhood Education.
  • Training individuals for legal depositions.
  • Building compassionate support teams.
  • Crisis-Line personnel, and other applications.

is SUVOTEK recording users?
No, The patent-pending technology does not require any recording and rather process sound waves in real-time. This allows any app created with SUVOTEK to maintain complete user privacy. There is no transcript ever created, not even in the user’s device.
how does SUVOTEK work?
Suvotek uses advanced algorithms of sound processing at the device level to infer speed, energy level, and intonation based on fundamental frequencies and other Patent-pending Technologies.
does SUVOTEK work on any language?
The app user interface of our Test app “Coach Ana” is in English but since SUVOTEK is not based on transcribing conversations, the application is agnostic of spoken language. SUVOTEK has been tested in coaching sessions with English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese. We are interested in testing usage in multiple languages to tune the app as needed.
does SUVOTEK work well in noisy environments?
In our software development process, we found the current optimal noise level tolerance is the average noise level found at an office, including some music background. Results can be affected by loud noises, or even by low-frequency noises that users might not be aware of such as engines running (in a car, a loud ventilation system, an airplane, dishwasher, etc).
can i use other apps while using an app powered by SUVOTEK?
Yes, the AI module consumes very few resources on the device, and as an example, our Test App “Coach Ana” is very flexible to allow another app usage without interrupting the session. When using Coach Ana, users can open a document to read notes, take a picture or conduct other activities.